Canyoning tours safety advisory - Canyoning Croatia
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Canyoning tours safety advisory

Canyoning tours safety advisory

Your health and safety is important to us. For this reason, you are choosing to participate tour with a professional canyoning company. We want to ensure you the best experience possible. Additionally, listen carefully to our guides to avoid all possible dangers. Ultimately they will try to achieve the best experience possible. Please read further about the canyoning tours safety advisory.

All alcohol or drug use both before and during the tour is strictly forbidden!

canyoning tours safety advisory


Basic canyoning tours safety advisory

When we move through the canyon we move in a row of people. One by one or in small groups. One of the guides is always ahead of the group. You should never go in front of him! For a larger group, there will be a guide at the back of the group as well. If you have any questions or problems ask guides. Also if you need help or rest just ask guides. Canyoning Tours’ safety advisory is about ensuring a fun and exceptional time.


If you have any pre-medical conditions like asthma or diabetes… and you need to take some medicine during the canyoning tour you should tell the guides before the start of the tour. Also is good to tell guides if you are a non-swimmer to take extra care of you.


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Safety at canyoning

All the equipment is certified to the highest European and International Standards. Furthermore, all the equipment has CE or UIAA standard verification.


Each guest participates in a briefing led by our experienced and qualified guides. The briefing is verbally and in written form. Then you will need to sign an agreement assurance. In general that you have read and understood everything you have been told.


Children from 8 to 17 years must be accompanied by parents or carers. Children need their parents’ permission for participating in the canyoning tour.


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More about UIAA safety standards -> UIAA safety standards